Get a clear picture of what your competition is up to on TV. CMR provides you with access to the latest competitive spots so you can identify competitive strategies, make educated business decisions, and increase market share.


  • Get better focus on your competitors' targeting strategies with access to TV spots for all PPM markets: Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal Anglo, Montreal Franco, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • Stay on top of changing communication strategies with timely access to the data, just 8 business days after the end of each broadcast week.
  • Create detailed profiles on your clients' and competitors' target by accessing CMR data with audience data in InfoSys+TV.
  • Determine your competitors' planning strategies and campaign delivery through reach/frequency analysis.
  • Understand market and advertiser trends through historical data evaluation.
  • Identify new business opportunities by uncovering non-TV advertisers in specific categories, regions or seasons.
  • View and download TV advertisements 5 seconds or longer, on Canadian conventional, specialty and digital stations.
Direct access to CMR data and commercials through InfoSys+TV. One software for all your competitive television, creative messaging and audience data needs.
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