You need to know what is capturing your audience's attention. You need to understand how certain messages affect their behavior. Or maybe you need insights into what devices people are using to view or listen to content.

We make it easier to find the answers you need through our range of services, including CATI telephone surveys, web surveys, mail surveys, coding, data entry and transcription services. We are supported by a large 250+ seat contact centre enabling us to offer timely turnaround on large projects.

NLogic has received gold seal standard accreditation from the MRIA, is a member of CASRO, and is fully PIPEDA compliant. We're a trusted choice for the intelligence you need to make smarter decisions.

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Data Collection

Our focus is your data

Whatever you need to find out, we have the market research resources, technology and passion to make it happen.

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RTS Consumer Study

Get the local perspective

RTS is Canada's largest syndicated consumer study with a sample of over 42,000 and a particular focus on the real-life similarities and differences across Canada's different cities.

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Media Technology Monitor™

The big kahuna

How many Canadians have Netflix and how are they using it? How many Canadians have cut the cord and who are they? How fast are tablets and smartphones growing in Canada, and what kind of media do they consume on it? Answer these questions and more through Media Technology Monitor (MTM), Canada's premier research product to help you make sense of technology ownership and use.

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You have questions. We have answers.

omniVU is a quarterly telephone omnibus survey conducted with 1000 Canadian adults. We help you make sense of your Canadian customers and get to know them like they were your next door neighbours.

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Custom Research Products

Looking for unique custom research products to help you dig a little deeper? Use DATA-ViU, our data visualization product to create a “heat map” to help you better view and understand your target audience. Our Cable Audience Profiling (CAP) product can help you measure and profile viewers for local cable channels.

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