Looking for unique custom research products to help you dig a little deeper? Use DATA-ViU, our data visualization product, to create a “heat map” to help you better view and understand your target audience. Our Cable Audience Profiling (CAP) product can help you measure and profile viewers for local cable channels.


Visualize demographic groups by station, network, format, or genre, in any selected region, for spatial analyses. DATA-ViU allows you to combine survey or demographic data with Google Earth Pro to create a “heat” map to help you better understand where your target connects with their media. Combine meter or diary audience data or any survey research data with Census data to understand the geographical correspondence between blue collar workers and classic rock listenership, expectant mothers and classical listenership, retirees and news talk programs, etc.

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  • Can include any locational data from Google Earth Pro including store locations, transportation hubs, and traffic information.
  • Can include postal code and Census data to design mailing campaigns or spatially targeted advertising.
  • Uses data interpolation where the radio tuning between the locations of the listeners are assumed to follow a gradation of space.
  • Classifies listeners into three categories: light, medium, heavy.

Cable Audience Profile

Cable Audience Profiling (CAP) helps you profile and measure the size and tuning patterns of local cable advertising audiences. To help you dig even deeper, additional qualitative information about consumer behavior is collected and is linked directly to the viewing of specific cable channels in a single source database. CAP collects audience and viewership data using the Day-After-Recall (DAR) method.


  • Measurements include all viewing along with weekly and daily reach for non-metered markets.
  • Understand who is watching less than one quarter hour as is the case for many community or information based channels.
  • Access profiles to help demonstrate purchase intent.