Who's watching your latest hits? Are they addicted couch potatoes, stay at home moms, high income families? How can you target and track audiences to find out their must-see TV? Are you luring new viewers from your competition and do you keep them coming back for more?

We know your industry and your business inside out – and our people genuinely care about your success. NLogic simplifies the process of getting insights from data to help you understand audiences.


Cut to the chase
Our software ranges from simple to sophisticated so you can get the answers you need with ease.

Partners you can trust
The Canadian market is our sole focus and has been since we started. Our software and data are the industry standard, and are used by virtually every broadcaster and media agency in Canada.

Make better decisions
From software, to market research and support, we provide you with the tools you need to truly understand your audience and make decisions with confidence.

Get access to more data and deeper insights with some of our products designed to help you understand your audience and competition better.

ConexAPI Save time and frustration with faster and easier access to audience data with our new API. Learn more
InfoSys+TV Fully loaded with all the tools, this is the preferred analysis software for TV in Canada. By going beyond AMA, rating and reach you'll gain unparalleled insights into audiences with unique stats and analyses. Learn more
InfoSys Touch Know who won the night with this app that gives you immediate results to overnight performance. Learn more
LensTM​​ Avoid the hassle of downloading new data and waiting for reports to load. Our cloud-based product, Lens, provides you with easy, immediate access to the latest confirmed data. Learn more
SalesPro™ SalesPRO and SalesPRO LITE enable you to dig deeper into our RTS Consumer Study for information that is relevant and advantageous to your marketing and research needs. Learn more
CMR Access the latest competitive spots so you can identify competitive strategies, make educated business decisions, and increase market share. Learn more
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