Make sense of listeners – yours and your competitors' – with access to written comments by diary-keepers about their radio experiences.

Raw tuning is graphically displayed for each individual enabling you to assess tuning patterns and get a real feel for how Canadians are listening to radio. Diary Browser is a great way to get closer to your audience and really understand their mindset. It's the next best thing to talking face-to-face.

Available for radio diary markets


  • Quickly spot listening patterns via a visual display of tuning by day and by quarter hour.
  • Gain qualitative feedback about programming though diary comments.
  • Get a complete picture of the competitive landscape through reporting of all stations.
  • Analyze promotions and special events with week by week details.


  • Read what listeners are saying about your station, the competition, personalities, programming and radio in general.
  • Tuning can be viewed in either graph or table form, and includes the listening location, be it home, work, or vehicle.
  • See how tuning varies based on location or time of day.
  • Find out how station selection varies by household, by demographic or by geography through sort and filter options.

Diary Browser is available through micro+.

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