How many Canadians have Netflix and how are they using it? How many Canadians have cut the cord and who are they? How fast are tablets and smartphones growing in Canada, and what kind of media do they consume on it? How many Canadian TV viewers are multitasking on the Internet and what are they doing?

Answer these questions and more through Media Technology Monitor (MTM), Canada's premier research product to help you make sense of technology ownership and use. Unlike most reports on new technology, MTM is built on a rigorous and trustworthy methodological base. MTM's 12,000 annual telephone interviews make it the most accurate and comprehensive media technology tracking survey of its kind. MTM allows you to follow consumer adoption of media technologies and changes in the marketplace that may impact your business.


  • Large sample sizes and high response rates mean you can trust the data.
  • Get a unique look at differences between Anglophones and Francophones.
  • Access trended historical information for over 70 technologies and activities including Internet usage, PVRs, satellite radio, listening to podcasts, social networking, smartphones and iPads.
  • Access in-depth competitive analysis to identify and analyze media technology products and services for over 100 brands.
  • Receive mini-reports throughout the year covering multiple topics, including iPads, the digital transition in Canada and citizen journalism.
  • Understand your market and target audience better with this definitive study on new technology use and adoption, with clients including the CRTC, Heritage Canada, multiple broadcasters and multiple BDUs.